Khacho Yulo Ling in Cairns

Khacho Yulo Ling Buddhist Centre is a place of peace and practice. The centre is under the patronage of and has been blessed by, both His Holiness Sakya Trizin and the late His Eminence Chogye Trichen Rinpoche. It is of the lineage of the Tsarpa sub sect of the Sakya Tradition of Tibetan Buddhism but welcomes all traditions and teachings.

The centre is facilitated by it's resident nun, Venerable Rinchen, a fully ordained Australian nun in the Tibetan tradition. The centre is open to all interested people who are seeking to know more about Buddhism or meditation. We offer regular practices and Buddhist teachings.

Upcoming Events

Children's Group and Discussion Group

Memberships for 2015/16 are now due, you can do your membership online or collect a form from the centre.

The next children's group will be Saturday 10 October 2015 at 10am.

We start the session with prayers, mindful movements, lying down meditation, walking meditation, followed by a craft activity, morning tea, storytime and dedication.  Cost for children's group is by donation and a suggested donation is $5 per child, this money goes towards books, art and craft materials.

Buddhist Discussion Group - Last Sunday of the Month

The next discussion group will be on Sunday 25 October at 12.30pm.  By donation, suggested donation $10/$5.

Garden Bee - First Saturday of the Month from 6am to 8am

All welcome, the next one will be on Saturday 10 October from 6.30am to 8am, bring gloves and implements and breakfast to share.


Book Launch

With Bhante Tejadhammo Bikku


Friday 16 October at 7pm - Cost is $15 or $10 members/concession, no bookings required

Venerable Bhante will give a talk and commentary on the book which is based on the Sutta Nipata by the Buddha. This is the last book that was compiled by Laurence "Khantipalo" Mills and put together lovingly by his students. The Sutta Nipata is a well known and well loved early Buddhist text.

It is a compilation of poems that inspire, educate and admonish. This translation expresses these teachings in a poetic voice. The primary translator and commentator is the experienced Pali scholar Laurence Khantipalo Mills, with portions by others, including Bhikkhu Nanamoli and Bhikkhu Sujato.

This evening will be a wonderful way to honour Laurence's contribution to the Dharma and in particular to bringing the Dharma to Far North Queensland.  Many will remember the centre he started, Bodhicitta Buddhist Centre which had several homes around the northern beaches and in Cairns.  Our centre owes a great debt of gratitude to BCBC and Laurence for our existence today through their goodwill and generosity.

Copies of the book will be available on the night for a suggested donation of around $10 to cover the printing costs and ensure more copies are printed for distribution.



Venerable Bhante Tejadhammo Bhikku

Weekend teachings on "Metta - Loving Kindness" Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 October from 9.30am to 4.30pm


Venerable BhanteTejadhammo Bhikku

The whole of the holy life

As he was sitting there, Ven. Ananda said to the Blessed One, "This is half of the holy life, lord: admirable friendship, admirable companionship, admirable camaraderie."

"Don't say that, Ananda. Don't say that. Admirable friendship, admirable companionship, admirable camaraderie is actually the whole of the holy life. When a monk has admirable people as friends, companions, & colleagues, he can be expected to develop & pursue the noble eightfold path. "And how does a monk who has admirable people as friends, companions, & colleagues, develop & pursue the noble eightfold path? There is the case where a monk develops right view dependent on seclusion, dependent on dispassion, dependent on cessation, resulting in relinquishment. He develops right resolve...right speech...right action...right livelihood...right effort...right mindfulness...right concentration dependent on seclusion, dependent on dispassion, dependent on cessation, resulting in relinquishment. This is how a monk who has admirable people as friends, companions, & colleagues, develops & pursues the noble eightfold path.

"And through this line of reasoning one may know how admirable friendship, admirable companionship, admirable camaraderie is actually the whole of the holy life: It is in dependence on me as an admirable friend that beings subject to birth have gained release from birth, that beings subject to aging have gained release from aging, that beings subject to death have gained release from death, that beings subject to sorrow, lamentation, pain, distress, & despair have gained release from sorrow, lamentation, pain, distress, & despair. It is through this line of reasoning that one may know how having admirable friendship, admirable companionship, admirable camaraderie is actually the whole of the holy life."SN XLV.2

Metta or Loving-Kindness, sometimes called admirable friendship is at the very heart of the Buddha's teaching.

Without the development and continuous cultivation of Metta and its companions (Compassion, Joyfulness at the Wellbeing of others and Equanimity) our spiritual lives are only half-lived.

The weekend will focus on the Buddha's earliest teachings on Metta and its companion virtues and on practical exercises that help us to encounter these within ourselves and others. We will explore the early stories in which the Buddha offers beautiful guidance and explains so clearly this quality of Metta. This will be a very practically oriented weekend with a focus on practice and experience. Texts will be provided.

Cost for the weekend is $160 or $140 members/concession. Bookings essential - Payment details below click the read more button

Bio for Bhante - Venerable Bhante Tejadhammo Bhikku is Spiritual Director of the Association of Engaged Buddhists and senior resident monk at Sangha Lodge. Bhante is also the director of Vejjasala: Place of Healing, a specialized retreat centre in the countryside for people facing serious illness or death.

Tejadhammo was ordained in Thailand in 1981 by Venerable Tahnchaokhun Phra Visalsalmanagun, Chaokhana Changwat, Phuket Province. Bhante has taught & worked in Thai universities and Jails over many years and currently works with people with life-threatening illness & prisoners in Sydney. Bhante has a background in Western Philosophy & Theology as well as extensive Buddhist studies. Patience, gentleness, an open heart and determination are foremost in Bhante's teaching. Although ordained in the Theravada Bhante has also studied and received many teachings in Mahayana and Vajrayana. Inter-religious dialogue & understanding is also close to Bhante's heart.

Read more: Venerable Bhante Tejadhammo Bhikku


Fundraising for Nepal Earthquake Relief


International Sakya Nepal Relief Fund

While we pray for all who lost their lives and send our heartfelt condolences for those who lost their loved ones, I ask that you take this time to offer your support to those effected by the recent devastation in Nepal.

During this critical time every hour or minute counts; the people of Nepal, including men, women, children, young and old, are in need of clean drinking water, food, shelter and protection from the potential health hazards that will soon follow as the monsoon season starts in that part of the Himalayan Region.  Our dear monks and nuns are already on the various sites where the earthquake hit hardest.

Please join me in supporting the ones who needed the most at this very critical time.  —His Holiness the Sakya Trizin

Funds can be donated via PayPal and 100% of the funds will go to the Sakya Relief organisation in Nepal who are co ordinating the distribution to the villages and those in need.